• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Theme Music for VR Game

This summer I created 10 tracks (1 for each level) in just two weeks. It was an Honours Project and now this project is continued and has a chance to land on Steam so I'm working again on music which I wasn't able to do earlier.

Over the last two days, I worked on a relaxing piece with a dreamy, nostalgic tone (typical me).

I found inspiration while playing The Outer Worlds yesterday so I had to leave the game in the background for a couple of hours. Then I created this:

Mysterious arpeggio theme, SFX and Pads were made in Massive X and Repro5 - in my opinion, two best-sounding virtual synths available on the market. The composition is very simple and I like it because it's for the game and should serve as background music.

The mix is also simple thanks to the Acustica Audio Sand3 plugin - an emulation of three legendary mixing consoles.

Here is a tiny snippet of the current version:


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