• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

The Watch Game - Intro Sequence

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Intro for The Watch - 2.5D Adventure Game (Abertay University Master's Project)

I created this intro sequence because our game needed a short introduction and story description.

The game is about a Keeper who has to fix a Lighthouse before the night and time of events is set in the 1920s. Originally the motivation for the player was to do it because parents of a Keeper want to visit him the next day and broken Lighthouse was necessary for their ship to get safely to the island. But this story didn't have much sense and it was hard to explain it to the player through the game in a comfortable way (though it was cute).

After a lecture about games narrative, I decided to rewrite the whole story to something more realistic and logical. Based on the movie 'The Vanishing' I decided to create a narrative where Keeper's crew went to the mainland to see what happened with the other crew which should replace them a few weeks ago and brings missing resources like food etc. They left one member to keep an eye on the Lighthouse.

The story is explained through the text: a journal that is (visually) based on an old Lighthouse Keeper Journal - an example that I found during the research.

In this version, the text is written by me and has to be replaced by something more accurate to the language used by Keepers in the 1920s.

After the text, Lighthouse is damaged by thunder. It is explained by a simple animation made from a few images and by the sound.

I used the same ambience sounds that I used in the game. Originally I wanted those sounds to be triggered by Ambience System but Unity stops the entire engine for the time the video sequence is played. So I created an entire soundtrack in Cubase.

Software used: Steinberg Cubase 10 (Audio), Sony Vegas 14 (Video), Krita (Art).

*After consultation with the project supervisor and then within a team, we came to the conclusion that I have to remove the sepia effect and adjust the colours because we have a conflict of the art style in the game. Level in the game has pastel colours and it doesn't reflect the old era retro style (no sepia, no grain/noise filters, etc.).

Final version:

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