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Sound Design for a Sci-fi Game (Commission)

Today I finished the last sound effect for a Sci-fi game project. Because I knew that I'll finish SFX and implementation for my University's project before deadline I took an opportunity to make sound design for another team from other accelerated MProf course. There were 2 teams looking for sound designers but I split these tasks with my friend so I did SFX for team A and music for team B and she did SFX for team B and music for team A.

The game is set in space. It's a casual game currently prototyped for PC but apparently it has the potential to be a mobile game.

All that I had to do was a list of SFX with a short description. I got a few screenshots and then builds after every big milestone. But I didn't do implementation so I wasn't able to make a proper mix in a game engine. Hopefully, the programmer will be able to catch eventual nuances that will require intervention.

One of the early builds had 1 footstep sound without any randomization so I shared my C# script of the Random Audio Container with the team because one sound of footstep would irritate players very quickly.

Now I'm waiting for a trailer and gameplay videos so I can share it on my website.

Here are two screenshots from the session in DAW:

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