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So... Masters MProf Game Development at Abertay

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I don't know how ;) but it's week 5 of a Game Development course in Abertay and I'm part of the Iona team working on a 2.5 puzzle-platformer game.

I definitely can say that I enjoy Masters more than Ba(Hons) because from week one I can do what I like the most: work as part of a team on a game.

My team includes one artist, one programmer, me and two Game Designers (Scotland, Poland, and China in one team).

The project itself is a Unity game about Lighthouse keeper who wakes up to find out that Lighthouse is damaged and before night will come it must be fixed to keep ships and sailors safe. To do that keeper will have to solve environmental puzzles (use tools like hammer and ax).

Until now I created the Wwise project with a basic structure for:

- Ambiance (will change 4 times based on a day-time and also on a distance from Lighthouse and Beach) - Blend container with an additional script to calculate distance and time of the day

- Footsteps - different surfaces + climbing rocks and ladder (Switch container)

- Switches, states, and parameters

- Pushing, Pickup, Drop for different objects (Glass, Wood, Rocks, etc)

- 6 C# scripts for easy implementation in Unity

Basic mechanics with implemented sound (mostly placeholders) are set for a presentation of playable demo tomorrow.

Next week I'll go to a Lighthouse to record ambiances at the location. Hopefully, the new Windjammer will be enough to survive crazy winds on Scotland's coast.

Also from next week, I hope that the recording studio will be finally available (someone put a very loud air conditioner in a recording room because apparently, loud noise is a good thing in recording studio ;) ). I can't wait to destroy some props to get the required audio assets for the project.


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