• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Recording session: Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Today I and Aurelie (another sound designer) went to Scurdie Ness in Scotland to record ambiances around the Lighthouse. Lighthouse itself is unfortunately closed to the public.

It's 20 minutes walk from the small fishing town. On our way we encountered terribly loud static sound like triangle wave around 800Hz coming from a factories nearby so our first impression was that the recording session is doomed. Fortunately that sound disappeared when we got to our destination.

For my Masters Project, I needed ambiences close to and far from the sea with 4 different intensity from breeze to gust (stormy-like weather). Unfortunately when for that one moment in life when someone would like to have typical Scottish weather... today it was calm and even sunny (from time to time). Anyway, we managed to get some recordings and I got 3/4 of what I needed. The only missing audio is heavy wind/gust and agile waves from the sea - which means that we (or I) have to do another session in the next few days.

Today I used new Windjammer from Rycote for Tascam DR-05 recorder and I must admit that it does the job very well. From half day-long session I've been hit with just 2 very short wind bursts - everything else was attenuated. I'm really happy from that purchase.

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