• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Recording Foley at Abertay University Studio

Today me and Aurelie have had a 4 hour recording session where we captured footsteps on different surfaces (with shoes, shoes in hand and metal brush - my new favorite shoe substitute for sand/gravel surfaces). Beside that we had fun recording some mechanical junk-alike sounds together: Aurelie was spinning a 'car' wheel and I was making noise with mechanical thing that I can't describe (no idea from where it come from and what was the original purpose of it). It was very hard to keep it in sync but we got few moments that sure we will be able to use. Those kind of sounds I need for cog/gear mechanism inside the lighthouse for the project I'm currently working on.

I couldn't resist and I borrowed almighty Neumann U87 mic for this session. Also AKG C414 and Sennheiser mic which belong to Aurelie and I don't remember its full name.

With 3GB of audio now I'll have to spend a lot of time editing it. But before I edit everything first I want to subtract and implement mechanical sounds for engine in Lighthouse as I have an idea for implementation of it in Wwise.

As a DAW we used Prot... Cubase obviously ;) Initially we tried ProTools but when I found out that Cubase is installed I couldn't resist to use modern DAW and we left PT on its retirement ;)

Aurelie doing cat footsteps on grass:

A few props available in the studio:

Foot on sand:

From the left: Neumann U87 - Sennheiser - AKG C414

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