• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

I love Coroutines! BunnyM&TPF Update 01

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Yesterday I wrote that I'll need a programmer to implement some features... and today features are implemented without any help (except some googling) :) Everything thanks to Coroutines in C# and a few neurons which still operate.

This lovely function allowed me to:

- add damage over time to a player while using Portal Ability (picture below)

- add damage over time to a player while colliding with the enemy

Portal Ability - Damage over time function

Now, the game is much more consistent and fluid.

Still, I need to work out how to trigger functions after closing Upgrade/Pause Menu as current implementation is in void Update and I can't use GetKeyUp to trigger anything because it will trigger immediately after taking the finger off the key (to activate Upgrade Menu). So no volume changes for the Menu for now :( Current script is nice because I can use it and add functions for every object now (like stopping player and enemies) so I'd like to keep it.

Now it's time to more sounds and art. I need to create something that makes Fluffy (rolling enemy) bounce.


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