• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Busy making Melodic Techno tracks and DJ stuff

Currently, I'm working on my 2nd track (the first one was made a few days ago) in Melodic Techno genre - my new favourite style because it reminds me origins of Trance, early 90's when Trance wasn't limited like it is now (and for good last 20 years) because it was fun time when electronic dance music wasn't fragmented as it is today.

So instead of writing blog post after blog post, I'm making music. Here is a wee sample of a creepy vocal that I made with FM8 FX and Pitch Correction plugins. It's frequency modulated by the filtered noise and oscillator and pitch-shifted (automation).

Here's a wee preview:

Ok here's the part which Wix (website provider) deleted when I clicked 'Publish' button - well done Wix, well done. So this part I'm writing again and shorter:

While I'm working on new tracks I also came back to DJing (or I'm trying to be more precise).

I got Traktor Kontrol X1 - brilliant controller for Native Instruments Traktor. I just need Z1 controller and I'm golden - this is much more fun than classic CD/Vinyl+Mixer setup :)

Soon after I'll find a new name for the project, I'll publish my first DJ Mix (after a good few years of silence) and first track. Stay tuned! :)


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