• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Bunny M and The Psychedelic Forest!

How to mix cuteness and Psychedelia? This is how! :)

Bunny M was born in my head when [corrupted data!] and then I bought drawing goods but scanning, editing etc. was too much for me so I bought my first ever drawing tablet (tiny one without fancy features: Huion 420). Keep in mind that I quit drawing after primary school (18 years ago) and while now I can still quickly draw good looking stuff, with tablet it was totally different story. I felt like my hands couldn't cooperate with my brain anymore (and I mean a negative experience that nobody likes ;) ). Fortunately I kept going and I did first animation of Bunny M within few days. After two weeks I had done: walk and jump animations and all the graphic layers for the game (first Frame only of course).

Then for the next two weeks I worked on the game in Unity and on the sound design at the same time in Cubase (+ all the plugins including my favorite NI Massive synth).

I got a lot of a new white hair during that time but finally I was able to develop most of the features that I was looking for. Not all of them but for some of them I will need help from the experienced programmer who know how to make the C# magic ;)

I'm really happy for the sound design and especially Bunny's Power Ability sound but also other stuff like random non-repetitive sound of a Magic Orb which contains only one-note audio sample.

Current idea for the game is that Bunny have power to pull enemies into another dimension thru Portal Power Ability. Yet this ability is limited (or rather will be when I get help in development of this feature). When Bunny reach the limit of the Ability it will transform it into blood thirsty rabbit.

For each enemy Bunny can collect 'souls' - current currency name that can be exchanged for more health and longer Ability usage (this one is also not implemented yet).

For now game mechanics are as simple as that but I'm not a game designer (it's definitely not my strongest skill ;) ). From now I will work on more art and eventually some tweaks in the game. Some sounds are still missing so I have to work on them to.

Currently the game looks like this:

During the development of Bunny M. I failed test for my dream job :( at a well known company but few days later I joined the Trauma Team (limited Cyberpunk 2077 t-shirt):

Also by that time I listened mostly to classic Metal music from 70 & 80. I strongly recommend checking mixes like this one. Pure fire! :)


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