• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Level 3 Part 1

Level 3

Animated colour and position of concurrent to match the pitch of the sound.

The early proof of concept was created long time ago, but I did new one with more functionality.

This one is based on concurrent puzzle Mesh and Material and I created a new Blueprint to control concurrent and sound asset in one place for easier management.

Concurrent is like previous case a Plane Mesh but with new Material which is just a default Material with Base Color parameter.

Collision Box was created so when player reach the room On Component Begin Overlap will trigger sound asset and animation of concurrent. In Event Graph New Dynamic Material Instance is created for a Plane and Set Vector Parameter Value set the value of Material Base Color parameter. The colour itself is controlled by a Timeline. I created colour fades manually. Additionally, vertical position of Plane is automated also by the same timeline.

For sound stimuli I created a 20 seconds long audio. It’s a Concert Piano that play snippet of Barber’s Adagio For Strings for first 10 seconds and then the same sequence is reversed to create continuous sequence that is going up and down and up again over and over again.

The issue was to make Timeline in BP to play the same way: in loop forward and backward. I couldn’t find a proper solution on internet, but I found some clues that help me to find my own solution by use of FlipFlop node.

Now I’m planning to develop scenario for puzzles in Level 3.

For Piano my plan is to make my puzzle with sequence that is constant or close in pitch range. Then another one where piano play from bottom up, next where piano plays from top down and final one where piano plays up and down in a loop.

Second stimuli sound will be a sound with very low bit depth and concurrent for it will be textured with or without colour. I’ll do 3 or 4 puzzles where with each next puzzle the sound will have better bit depth resolution and concurrent will be less textured but more coloured.


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