• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Teleport Sound and Visual Instructions

Ambient Music in Teleport Room:

To add mysticism and atmosphere. Audio is triggered by TriggerBox. Instead of attenuation in 3D object I used TriggerBox to create Fade In and Fade Out automation of Music Bus volume. That way I can keep 2D object (stereo) and avoid hard cut when player leaves the room or came in.

Sound in Vortex (teleport) itself is made from three layers:

  • Base made from low/mid frequencies that is simply attenuated by distance

  • Hi frequency range layer for crystals that rotate around the vortex. Because crystals are made as Particle Effect, I couldn’t connect them to the sound asset so instead in FMOD I created Tremolo effect with ‘Auto-Pan’ function. So, audio asset is artificially rotation in stereo space

  • ‘Voices’ layer which fill mid/hi frequency range. For this layer I created Tremolo effect where Frequency parameter is automated by the distance. I created invisible object at the end of the Vortex (where player is teleported to next level) and I used technique known as Raycasting to change Frequency value from medium (player next to the entrance doors) to very fast when player reach this invisible object.

All layers were mixed in real-time because I connected FMOD and UE4 by ‘Live Update’ function. In a meantime I’m continuously work on grouping and mixing in FMOD after I add every new audio asset.

Every layer was created in Native Instruments Reaktor 6 instrument called 'Razor'.

Visual Instructions

I tested the prototype of Level 1 on my friend and I realized that it is necessary to make additional instructions ‘on screen’ to explain how to play the game.

I created ‘Stand here’ text with arrow to show best position to listen sound and look at the doors. When player reach the centre of the room then text disappears, and new floating text show up on doors and next to each display with arrows. When player reach the doors all of this disappears.

Additionally, when player stand in the centre of the room, new text appears with instruction what to do and info about shortcuts.

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