• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Level 01

Level 01: Sound waves and position in 2D space

New Multiple Levels system: I had to redo and change Menu, Pause and HUD to adopt to new concept. I made first level with just Main Menu HUD which will load Level 01 when clicked Play. The problem that I had was black screen after opening new level. After tweaking HUDs and Level BP finally I found problem with the Game Instance BP which was also loading MainMenu BP. After cleaning this up, game is loading the way it should. I tried to do streaming level system but I don’t understand this system and with every new level every single object is cloned so this way with ten levels I would have every object x10 in every level. When player die now will be teleported to last known location which is now set in Room BP so after every time player enter new room the location will be remembered. Also, now GetCurrentLevelName node was added to OpenLevel node because otherwise with old method player would be respawned in Level01 even if would die in level 10. Hopefully it will still work when I create multiple levels.

Level 01 scheme:

3 waveforms (sine, saw, square) + 2 positions in space (top, bottom) Very easy level with 8 rooms and 9th is where teleport to next level is.

Teleport to another level: at this point it is a simple Cube object with material that makes the object invisible when player is not close enough. That way player can’t open the doors and see it before crossing the doors.

For next level I want to introduce dual saw wave (detuned) as introduction to synthesized strings in Level 3 and single Piano note to introduce colour (purple).

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