• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: New visualised concurrent system

Test with audio sine wave and visualisation where jpg image of sine representation coordinates are automated to create effect of horizontal movement of sine wave to fake visualisation of real oscilloscope.

Sine and square waves were generated in DAW with Massive synthesizer which can be later used for more complex sounds. Target level is around -12dB Peak and as simple waves have tendency to be loud, level will be mixed properly later in FMOD. Each sound was rendered to mono 48kHz ~2seconds-long audio and then edited in Wavelab: trimmed In/Out looping points to avoid clicks and other artefacts. Melda MOscilloscope plugin is used to capture visual representation of audio waveform. Ideal candidate for this task would be an oscilloscope without background grid with strong, bold waveform line. EQ plugin serve only as a handy input volume control and EQ nodes are deactivated to avoid any risk of impact on the sound (even if digital EQ as such shouldn’t affect sound when it’s deactivated).

Samples were imported to FMOD and treated with settings (spatialization) from previously created test examples for sound stimuli.

Screenshots were trimmed in Paint.net and then imported in UE4.

Fake oscilloscope (UE4 material):

For this I used tutorial from UE4 documentation https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Rendering/Materials/HowTo/AnimatingUVCoords to create material with automated horizontal movement of the picture. It’s made from Texture object and Panner with additional Material Expression Constant 2Vector converted to parameter named ‘Speed’. Original parameters for this object are called RGBA (I can’t change these names) where R is set for horizontal movement speed and G would serve as vertical position movement speed if needed.

It’s ‘master material’ and from it I can create sperate instances where I can add different picture and change speed with much more efficient way as it takes less time to apply changes to instance than the original material.

Material instances were imported into plane objects which are positioned on displays. Pictures are animated and simulate oscilloscope, but background grid is also moving which reveals real nature of simple image being continuously shifted in horizontal position. But I don’t think that anyone will really care about it and I think that I can keep it that way for final presentation.

Here is a demo with sine and square waves in two test rooms:

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