• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Checkpoint based Respawn System

New respawn system (after player die) with Checkpoints.

Till now after any fail player would start game from the beginning. I was aware that it’s the worst thing and players would hate this game after going through few rooms. So I decided to update respawning by doing checkpoints so player will respawn in location closer to place where he died.

It’s based on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_90586C9Pw so big thanks to Sam Jones by doing this tutorial with simple yet effective system.

I created ‘Checkpoint’ blueprint with simple small cylinder as indicator so it’s visible in game. I’ll change it to something else or I’ll make it invisible in the game but it’s something to consider closer to end of development. Trigger Box is much bigger, almost size of the room.

In first person player I created Function for player to respawn.

But respawn is not triggered by key like in tutorial but by ‘KillTrigger’ blueprint. BP was modified and now it triggers player’s respawn function instead of reloading whole level from scratch.

EventGraph in Checkpoint BP is identical to example in tutorial.

During the process I found that I made mistake in Level Blueprint and KillTrigger BP because ‘GameOver’ screen was not properly removed after respawning (because previously level was reloaded, I didn’t saw it). ‘Remove from Parent’ node fixed that.

The other day when I’ll do whole way out to exit, I’ll locate Checkpoints probably in every second room or maybe even in every room.


Now each room is labelled:

It’s for testing purpose only. So now if in any room I or someone else will find bug it will be easy to check what room it is.

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