• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Zoom In/Out SFX

Sound of Camera Zoom In and Out:

The base of the sound was taken from my other project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEPHMCKb5E8 I took two sounds of weapons reload and re-arranged them for Zoom In/Out SFX. I wanted to make sound of electronic device. I recorded click sounds of tools that I have at home like: Screwdriver, pincers, metal measuring tape, camera stand and small Fujifilm camera. Former was also used to record sound when camera is turning on and off. Recordings were edited in Wavelab Elements to remove noise (plugin: Acon Digital DeNoise) and then imported to Cubase Pro 10 where I chopped recordings into small pieces that I found as usable. First layer: clicks at the beginning and the end of SFX. Additional processing with Ring Modulation to turn pitch down and to bring it up with second RingMod. I used it instead of changing pitch to get less precise effect with artifacts. Last process is Frequency Shifter to take pitch even further down. Another two layers with clicks are not processed beside change of pitch. 4th layer is sound of camera turning on: modified with RIngMod, Pitch Shifter and Frequency Shifter to make new original sound. Next layer is Massive synth with preset that I created few days ago while experimenting with synth. It’s electronic sound that could be heard in electro music especially in 90’s. Personally I really like it and it adds electronic artificial feeling that match zooming in sound. Additional tremolo phase shift sound was synthesized in Massive synth. Final layer covers low end to add body to the sound. Finally, everything is routed to bus where it’s processed with Multiband Distortion, compression and a bit of reverberation to add weight, definition and fill spectrum range. Two slightly different versions were created to add variety.

To sync sound, I recorded the game with OBS Studio software and I used video in Cubase to match sound with time.

Zoom Out effect is a bit simpler without few layers. At this moment I think that it sounds ok as in my opinion Zoom In sound is major because it’s associated with player’s action and Zoom Out somehow minor as it’s the end of player’s action.


Level grid top view created in PowerPoint

X – rooms at the edges – there will be no access to them except the one with letter E – it’s the exit from labyrinth. T – testing room S – starting position

todo.txt – simple text file with list of features that I’m planning to do or I have to look at – serves as notepad for ideas.

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