• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Honours Project Development: Zoom In/Out FX

After graphic overhaul room is now bigger because objects are smaller and also ‘display screens’ are further away, and they can be too small to see what’s going on, on them. So, the easiest solution is to create ‘zoom in’ effect. This was quite simple. When player click right mouse button (or right button on controller) then everything is zoomed in from field of view 90 which is standard to 20 in 0.4 second. As normally slight bloom effect is used as post processing effect, when zoomed in this effect is set to 0 and vignette effect is turned on to give nice visual effect. Maybe I’ll do some graphics to zoom in effect and surely, I’ll do sound effect of zooming in and out – which later will be determined if it’s ok because it may distract from played sounds.

  • Now upgraded with Chromatic Aberration effect which occurs only during transition and looks like ‘warp’ visual effect. Would be cool to add other visual effect for transition – something to check out if it’s possible to do with my level of programming visual effects

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