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Detroit Become Human - Review

This is my review that I wrote on Metacritic. I'm reviewing only these titles to which I feel deepest connection so it's not often :)

Masterpiece - I'm not afraid to use that word in this case. Because it's interactive experience much deeper than "just a game". It touches important topics about humanity and our future that are much deeper than it can be seen on the surface as "game about androids". Long essay could be easily written just about the story and important issues that it contains so I skip this part. All I can say is that it's very emotional story that touched me deeply. Not often I feel so engaged in the events and fate of protagonist because not many games can develop great story. I played it on 'experienced' level even if I'm new to PS4 controller and I need more time that game allowed me to tap right button but this way it was more challenging and more emotional. Of course, I failed almost completely. Another plus for a game because failing is winning here: you can learn a lesson and try again to success by trying new pathways - game is not boring and allow for many game-plays where you can see events previously not discovered.

Music is awesome. Three composers matched to character of protagonists plus bonus tracks. It's so nice to hear artists from Detroit like father of Techno Juan Atkins.

My personal favorite is Kara, her story and soundtrack. I felt in my hands is life of real person not character in the game. Other two stories and characters are inferior. No not at all. All of them are equally great. It's just personal preference to like one character above another.

Graphics is also really good - nothing that I could complain about, it keeps today's highest standards. Face expressions are great. They doesn't break 4th wall - another achievement.

Main menu android assistant is also great idea. I'll miss her :)

It's easy for me to give highest score because it seems that authors of the game share the same view about the world and our civilization/society as me so I felt at home.

I hope that more games will have such engaging stories and rich characters and I hope that Quantic Dream will bring new awesome game soon.

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