• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Synaesthesia Honours Project; Wwise+UE4 integration is worst than nightmare!

So I planned to try new game mechanics today but earlier i tried to build packaged game and what I found was that UE4 does not integrate Wwise into package. So... 5 hours later I'm still not able to find solution. I tried every single method from tutorials etc. Nothing works. Nobody respond to my question on Wwise Facebook group, my question on Audiokinetic website is awaiting approval. Visual studio solution does not help in any way just make everything much more complicated. I lost my hope that it's possible to use Wwise and UE4, this plus my previous experience (also terrible) makes me hate Audiokinetic and their Ccrap software.

If nobody can't answer my question which I believe will happen I'm going to use FMOD - free simpler tool that actually works or Wwise + Unity

Thank you Audiokinetic and Epic for headache and sickness!


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