• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Synaesthesia Honours Project: Unity + Wwise

So I gave up on UE4. No reason to deal with software that have so many issues on basic level. Time to jump up to Unity which I'm afraid doesnt have as good (easy for layman to use) tools to create audio-visual effects. But have one awesome attribute: after integration with Wwise (which is much simpler and less complicated to use) and packaging game into a build... I can hear sound coming from Wwise! Hurray! Finally something that works how it should.

It was late already so quickly I tested attenuation settings for audio and I made array of 9 rooms with door on each wall. Also SteamVR files were added for further implementation.

Plan for game mechanics: player will hear different sound in each room and will have to choose right doors that have associate object or colour to that sound. What colour and sound I will decide after deeper synaesthesia research. When player choose wrong doors: will die. Death counter will be implemented (in theory I should be able to do it) and when player win, will get to the room with nice visual effects (if it's even possible in unity with my skills).

Here's screenshot with awesome graphics ;)

#unity #wwise #integration #steamvr

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