• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Synaesthesia Honours Project: Brightness and Pitch of SOund in UE4 and Wwise

Changing light and sound pitch over time in UE4 and Wwise.

Today I’m trying to do automatic change of light brightness over time together with sound pitch change.

Test is based on findings about our perception of sound and picture: Dark light – Low pitch sound and Bright light – High pitch sound.

Simple C1 note with detuned saw wave has been created in Cubase and imported to Wwise.

RTPC for pitch has been created and added to Blueprint which include Trigger Box and Directional Light. Both light brightness and Pitch RTPC for sound are controlled by Component Overlap and timeline. When player overlap TriggerBox then light changing state over time of 5 seconds from dark to bright together with change of pitch from low to high. Opposite behaviour is when player leave the Trigger Box overlapping space.

Here’s demo video: https://youtu.be/pXr5WaKEhBM

#UE4 #RTCP #brightness #light #sound #pitch #triggerbox #blueprint

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