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Synaesthesia Honours Project: Looking for musicians with synaesthesia

Today I started looking for people with synaesthesia.

I’m already in a Facebook group with largest number of members named “Synesthesia”. Group seems to be vocal and willing to talk about their experiences in substantive conversations. At this point I read topics and conversations there.

I’m also looking for musicians with synaesthesia as with them we can discuss about sound and music in a more precise way by use of music language.

So, I asked a question on V.I. Control online forum which gather professional composers working for tv, film and other media. Sometimes even Hans Zimmer write or answer question or two. I’m aware that finding musicians with synaesthesia may be super difficult.

Meantime last two days were about redoing my Proposal after getting very informative feedback from lecturer. 1/3 was changed and ½ was totally scrapped (but left as backup for further documentation). From 2560 words to 1670. I think that now it looks good and after reading O. Dorey’s book my perception is much more clarified of what I want to do. Critical Review and Portfolio still need to be done but it’s not time for this yet. Now I’ll look further into literature. There’s still a lot to learn about synaesthesia.

Few minutes ago, I found article about Materials in UE4. It’s something that I’ll work with later to create audio-visual effects, so it may be useful.


Source of original post: https://www.facebook.com/paul.neale.716/posts/2209784345762467

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