• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Synaesthesia Honours Project: UE4 Wwise Project Initialization Test

Project template in UE4

UE4 version 4.20.1

Wwise version 2018.1.2.6762

Today I tried to create template for my project in UE4. First problem that I saw was that First-Person template and VR template are not the same. Fortunately, quickly I found solution which seems to make integration between those two easy. https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/5vkn1j/how_do_i_turn_a_first_person_project_into_a_vr/ I will back to this later as VR integration is the last thing that I have to do.

So, for now I’m doing my project “Synaesthesia” based on First-Person template, following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQlxNMn2b3w&t=1s

It’s a smooth process totally different from what I remember even a year ago when the same procedure almost compromised my work on GameJam (problems with SDK). I decided to update Wwise to latest version (UE4 is up to date already). Wow! Dark GUI theme is nice and eye-friendly. Also new Property Help window is awesome. Really good start… For about two seconds. I can’t generate soundbank in UE4. Great. Of course it can’t work like in tutorial even that I’m following every single step. Few minutes wasted to find out what was the reason of error here: https://www.audiokinetic.com/qa/3685/how-is-the-tempdefinitionfile-txt-file-created

Somehow in tutorial it doesn’t need to be in that order to avoid error.

For a test purpose I created gunshot sound (random container) and looped audio for Box object to test attenuation in Wwise. I supported myself with tthese tutorial while working on attenuation settings and RTCP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0D4lJkffII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4_OXGRjqrk Actually because I know how to work with Blueprints, whole concept of RTCP is very easy for me to understand how to use it in more advanced programming tasks. For this test Pitch of one layer of sound coming from Box is rising when Player is coming closer to Box.

Final result:

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