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So much work not enough time

Wow! It's half year from my last blog entry. So much happened by that time. New city, new gear, new software, new perspectives. Blog title may be a bit of lie because I have a lot of free time actually. It's so good to not have boring daily job. Best decision in my life to quit it. But I fill my free time with audio related tasks which keep me busy.

It's my first attempt to learn Sound Design for Video Games. It's new concept that demand totally different ways of thinking of how to create music and sound. It's a good topic for a book or long essay. Another thing is software: Wwise / FMOD middleware, Unity and Unreal Engine. It's like when I opened first audio app for the first time: totally lost in a jungle of parameters that I don't understand. It already led me to few anger bursts and headaches. Good beginning. I will survive!

At this point I'm working on two video game prototypes. For the first game I'm working on music which is part of me as long as I remember: Electronic /Sci-fi. Who heard my music then know that I feel like fish in the water with this kind of music. So my inspirations for this project oscillate around 80's Ambient / Electronic Music mixed with Modern approach and Sound Design. So Glitch / Dubstep elements that we can hear in modern movies. For Sound Effects I can have fun with crazy Sound Design. Synthesizers, samplers, twisted sound modulators... I'm at home.

Second project is something new to me. I don't know how but I ended up creating Jazzy / Noir Music for that project! I have never done something like this before. It's craaaaazy! But I actually love what I did already. It's so fresh and funky for me that I feel excited when I'm discovering new techniques, sounds and approaches. It led me to buy another sample library: Spitfire Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit, so I can back to the past, wear my virtual detective's coat, say 'A really good detective never gets married' (Raymond Chandler) to beautiful woman with long dark hair and bloody red lipstick sitting on my desk and go hunt suspicious crooks.

It's not over because I have other tasks to do. Like these short video clips where my task is to create soundtrack and sound design following specific rules of soundtrack for movies that we learn at University.

First one is Imperial Walker where I focused on ground shaking footsteps (please forgive me these cheesy laser sounds I know it sounds awfully bad!)

Purpose of second video was to create fully Diegetic sound design. Guess where this vehicle noise comes from. Yes you guess it! It's a hoover.

A bit longer (3 minutes) video is to be done till December. More details about it later if I find time to write another blog sooner than after another half year.

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