• Miroslaw Sienkiewicz

Excerpt 02 from incoming album

I'm happy to announce that my second piece for my album is almost ready. The bad news is that it's taking me more time than it was planned but circumstances are going to change soon so further work should goes faster (I hope so!)

At first attempt it had to be minimal repetitive piece and there was even philosophy behind that: it had to reflect unchanging behaviors in human from the early days of our civilization. Well I keep rest of the story for another time because I'll make sonic illustration to this for sure.

Instead of minimal track my this piece changed direction into something with more Progressive style of arrangement (yes, the one I'm known the most) where song is constantly changing from beginning to the end like in real life. Because of that I have to find out new title

Worth to mention that it's not typical arrangement with piano and long strings section sustains but there is real 'theme' in chorus parts and legato viola play main role in between.

I'm not really interested in keeping typical scheme where main instruments are 1st violin and cello and 2nd violin and viola are used just for accompaniment. No no, I'm giving opportunity for all my instruments to shine.

Please keep in mind that album that I'm working on is a fundraise project for an organisations where ordinary people are doing super-heroes duty. I'll give you more details much later when album will we almost ready and talks with this organisation will come successfully to an end.

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