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Personal Projects

Procedural Audio [PureData + Unity]


- Advanced Audio Implementation (PureData + Unity C#)

- Real-Time Procedural Sound Synthesis

- Problem solving and debugging

Original approach to sound generated in game. Focused on techniques rather than creation of realistic sound effects. 
Real-time synthesizer as tool to unlock new areas in game. 

Player have access to synth's GUI as object in game world. 

All sounds are generated in real-time. Background music use Stochastic model of randomness to generate sequences. 

Sound cues are changing following day/night cycle. 

Game developed by me. 3D assets from Unity Asset Store (Free)

Sound Design Sci-Fi [UE4]


- Advanced Sound Design and Audio Implementation

- Programming in Blueprints (Audio, Spine Sys, AI, Occlusion)

- Problem solving and debugging

Realistic approach to sound design was the main purpose of this project. To make advanced audio implementation I went beyond the scope of implementing audio with middleware by learning BP, level design, AI, animation system and basic C++ programming. By knowing how other departments of game development works I can foresee and adjust audio implementation techniques to match to other elements of the game. 

University Projects

Synaesthesia (Honours Project WIP) [UE4 + FMOD]


- UE4 and FMOD implementation

- Audio-visual puzzle game based on research about perception of visual concurrent to sound inducer

***Video excerpt from pre-production demo. Clues are out of place because graphic overhaul and space re-arrangement***

Honours Project for BA (Hons) Audio For Games course. 
Excerpt from Project Proposal Abstract:

This Honours Project wants to examine how human perceive and associate audio-visual stimuli based on an analysis of synaesthesia to see if it can help to find new tactics in an audio-visual clues’ creation.

To find answers that are essential to the progression and development of a video game – final product of this project, a review and critical evaluation of a variety of peer reviewed books, academic journals and scientific research about synaesthesia will be undertaken. After getting acquainted with the most frequent auditory-visual relationships are, next step will be a production of audio-visual artefacts based on findings for the first-person video game where a player by following inducer-concurrent schematics will have to get out of the labyrinth. Game will be tested on synaesthetes and non-synaesthetes to draw a conclusion: do auditory-induced visual image experience can give the synaesthetes an advantage in video games (and if the same rules of audio and visual associations apply also for non-synaesthetes). Conclusions may have an impact on the development of audio-visual clues in video games.

Project blog:

Part 1 Research Click Here
part 2 Development Click Here

Mineaton - Mobile Game [Unity]


- Implementation in Unity and C#

- Optimization for Mobile Devices

- Work as part of a team

University Professional Project for Team Junkfish. 

As part of a team my task was to create and implement music and sound for mobile game. I was also responsible for creative direction of audio. 


Tactical Criminal [UE4 + FMOD]


- Sound Design and Implementation in UE4 and FMOD

- Swing/Retro Cartoon Music targeted to younger audience

- Work as part of a team

*As game is unfinished most of sound assets were not implemented because other assets were not implemented*

University Professional Project. As part of a team my task was to create sound and music for PC/Mobile (direct connection) game. 

Music is similar in style to OST of The Incredibles movies and game. 
Music from the game is available HERE and include:
0:00 Level 1, 4:18 Main Menu, 7:30 Trailer


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