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Technical SOUND DESIGN & Implementation

(Wwise, FMOD, UNITY, UE4)

Advanced Audio Implementation for Sci-Fi Game [UE4 Blueprints]


- Advanced Sound Design and Audio Implementation

- Programming in Blueprints (incl. Audio Occlusion)

- Realistic Environmental Sound


Realistic, acoustically correct sound design was main purpose of this project. To make advanced audio implementation I went beyond the scope of audio by learning BP, level design, AI, animation system and basic C++ programming. Understanding of other game development departments minimizes my dependence on programmers in making advanced audio implementation. 

Daytime based Ambience System for 2.5D Game [Unity & WWISE]


- Ambience sound is changing based on the time of a day

- Implementation in Unity and Wwise with C# scripting

- Intro video and backstory created by me


2.5D Adventure Game - Masters Project (Semester 1)

I was assigned to a team as a sound designer to create and implement SFX and music within 14 weeks.
I took a trip to a Lighthouse location to record ambiences for different: times of a day, weather conditions and distance from the sea. Then in Wwise, I created an ambience system audio changes during the daytime (time parameter) and on a distance of a Player Character to a sea (beach).

I also volunteered to do the intro video sequence where the player is introduced to the backstory (written by me). I created a few images which later were sequenced in a video editor and noise filter (besides adding a retro style to the image) was used to mask the static images.

Sound Design & Implementation for Horror Game (GameJam 2018) [UE4]


- Horror Sound and Music for 5-days long Game Jam

- Successfully work as part of an international team


Video review starts at 27:30
Game is available to download at GameJolt HERE
Team of 5 people from every corner of the world: UK, India, and the USA. 
It's a Horror game created within a one week: Abandoned train station full of mutant rats.

Game is available here:

Sound Design & Implementation for 2D Game [Wwise and Unity] (WIP)


- Creative audio Implementation in Wwise and Unity

- A mix of cute and spooky cartoon styles

- Full game development made by me

A mix of styles: cheesy rubber duck squeak jumping sound for a player, dark atmospheric ambiance, sci-fi abilities and fantasy sounds for other objects. 

Game developed from scratch: programming, art, animation, sound design, and the music were all done by me. 

A personal project without a planned release date. 

Game (PC/Win) is available at GameJolt (widget above)

Procedural Audio in a 3D Game [PureData + Unity]


- Advanced Audio Implementation (PureData + Unity C#)

- Real-Time Procedural Sound Synthesis

- Innovative Gameplay based on sound

- Successful Project with A+ Grade


University project.
Real-time synthesizer as a tool to unlock new areas in-game. 

The player has access to synth's GUI as an object in-game world. 

All sounds are generated in real-time. Background music uses a Stochastic model of randomness to generate sequences. 

Sound cues are changing following the day/night cycle. 

Game developed by me. 3D assets from Unity Asset Store (Free)

Real-time sound synthesis in UE4 (TB303 Acid Emulation)


- Real-time sound synthesis in UE4 Engine

- Re-recreation of famous TB303 sound


Test of a new UE4 Modular Synth - real-time synthesizer.
For this test GUI with sliders has been made to easily manipulate sound directly in the game. Clock Custom Event and new Table asset serve as the sequencer. 



Mass Effect 3 [ReDub]


- Sci-Fi Sound Design

- Weapons, explosions, ambience, electronic sound effects


Re-dubbed Mass Effect 3 (BioWare Games). Mission: Geth Dreadnought. 
Weapon sounds (shooting, reloading), ambient noise and electronic sound effects were synthesized from scratch (no presets). Footsteps recorded in the studio.

* Mass Effect 3 is produced by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts

Soundtrack for short sci-fi film


- Sound Design / VO / Music for short motion picture

- Dealing with 'How to capture silence in audio' question


University project. task; create a full soundtrack to a short film. 

Lighthearted Jazz Music is used to contradict and make a contrast between the seriousness of the events in the video. 

Another task was to find a way to handle 'frozen time' with sound. 

Warframe Teaser [ReDub]


- Sound Design with items available at home and garden

- Atmospheric Background Music


Re-dubbed Warframe (Digital Extremes) The Sacrifice teaser. 
All the sounds were recorded at home and then edited and layered in DAW: wardrobe door sliding (falling items crushing on rocks), kitchen knife (sword), small rocks collected from the forest (small falling rocks) and even my voice (background whisper). Additional background music was written to add depth and a feeling of mystery. 

* Warframe is produced and published by Digital Extremes

Life is Strange [ReDub]


- Sound Design for Cut Scene / Cinematic

- Atmospheric music for Cut Scene


Music composed to match scene: sad and hollow (Non-Diegetic) as the protagonist question her decisions that lead to the destruction of the town where she studies and has friends. 

Ambient: Storm; acoustic properties are changing depending on camera position to keep realism (room size, occlusions). 



Synaesthesia (Honours Project) [UE4 + FMOD]


- UE4 and FMOD implementation

- Audio-visual puzzle game based on research about perception of visual concurrent to sound inducer

- Successful project: A Grade



Synaesthesia is a neurological condition where stimulation of one sense triggers stimulation of the other sense. One type, auditory-visual synaesthesia is characterized by a subjective sensation of sight (images, colors) stimulated by the sound stimuli. Condition is well known but unexplored thoroughly and many questions are still unanswered to this day. The aim of this project is to develop a video game with audio-visual puzzles based on a review of a variety of peer-reviewed books, academic journals and scientific research about synaesthesia and surveys carried out on synaesthetes, test it on on-synaesthetes and draw a conclusion based on the survey if correlation between sound stimuli and visual concurrent is reserved only for synaesthetes or those correlations are common for everyone. This dissertation will cover what synaesthesia phenomenon is in greater detail,  describe the process of the game development and will draw a conclusion based on the video game testing and survey results on participants that are not affected by the synaesthesia phenomenon.

Project development was documented in the Blog (Old Posts) section.

My first ever audio implementation for a game [Cube Game+ Wwise]


- Wwise Implementation

- Demonstration of my first ever sound design for a game

- Game and files available to download


University Project for Audio For Games 1 Module

This is the first sound design & implementation for a video game I ever created. Sound design itself is not great but the purpose of this demo is to showcase the ability to use Wwise and proper file management.

Check 'Mass Effect 3 ReDub' video which was made 1 year after this project, to see my progress in sound synthesis for guns.


Mineaton - Mobile Game [Unity]


- Implementation in Unity and C#

- Optimization for Mobile Devices

- Successful work as part of a team [A Grade]


University Professional Project. 

As part of a team, my task was to create and implement music and sound for mobile games. Under direction of the producer, I was also responsible for the creative direction of audio. 


Web Audio App

[Javascript, p5 + Tone.js]


- Web Audio App made in Javascipt (p5 + Tone.js)

- Synth parameter controlled by Microphone Input

- Real-time AM / FM / Granular synthesis and sample player


Interactive Audio App for Web. 2 modules.

The first module is 'beatbox player' a granular synthesizer that plays 3 audio loops (drums, bass, brass). Pitch parameter is controlled by Microphone Input and any signal source can work as a career: voice, knocking whistling, hitting... even dog can be a controller (barking). The result is the Glitch Sound Effect. 

other parameters are controlled on the screen: Speed, Grain Size and Overlap.

When the mouse is clicked and dragged around the screen then LowPass Filter is activated. Mouse position determines Cut Off and Amount of Filter. 
The second module is made from 3 components:

- When clicked on a cigarette - synthesized noise is played
- When clicked on left tooth - AM synthesis is played (every click = different random sound)

- When clicked on the right tooth - FM synthesis is played. The tooth can be moved around the screen. Horizontal and vertical mouse movements change two parameters of the sound.

Artwork: Face; 'Matula' is character from comic books created by me in primary school.

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