I’m a team-oriented sound designer who strives to create and implement immersive, high-quality audio for multimedia.

With two decades of experience as a freelancer in a variety of different roles, I'm proficient in every major audio software, middleware (Wwise/Fmod) and game engine like Unity (C#) and UE4 (BP).

I enjoy working in Game Audio because the Game Industry provides new challenges every day, and this is what drives me the most. I can work in both: co-op and solo mode because both are fun and have their advantages!

Long biography (I think that I should make a trophy for anyone who will read this)

I was born in 1985 - golden year for music (check Top 100 Songs of 1985 by Billboard and you'll understand what I mean ;) ) in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

As far as I can remember, I was always doing something creative. In the beginning, it was fun with paper, scissors, and everything that I could find in cabinets. In Primary School, from drawing comic books and manipulating with electronic devices (my best work was transplantation of speaker from my synth keyboard to my own DIY portable music player), it slowly fades into music production. Back then, it was singing. Yes, actual singing with friends and it wasn't about casual children's songs. It goes into a more experimental, unusual fusion of electronic music, especially after I found the old keyboard that I got for my birthday a long time ago (the one from which I pulled the speaker out). I still keep some ideas because I know that the world is not ready for that sound yet! Ps. I'm worried that someone can still keep cassettes that we sold and gave to our friends - no one should listen to that thing because it can turn you into madman ;) 

Around 7th grade, I was introduced into Amiga computer, Demo Scene, and Trackers - specific music software which is different from typical DAW applications. Difficult to learn, especially for a kid. 

The breakthrough happened when I built my first PC. My first fully-fledged tracks were made on FruityLoops 2.5 Demo in every possible Electronic Music genre. I can only be thankful to gods that the internet wasn't a thing then. International shame avoided. 

After a few years of practising and experimenting with FL 2.5 and VST (sometimes with friends), I was hooked up with a popular DJ who helped me to introduce my music to a wider audience. In a few years I was working on House and Trance music, audio mix and production for promotional videos for famous club and even one commercial for a regional politician. A few years forward and I was tired of mainstream music, so I moved to my musical love from my teenage years: Psychedelic Goa Trance. 

In just one year, I have formed friendships with many people tied to this and similar underground music scenes in the whole country. Next year I spent mostly making Psytrance and playing live acts/DJ gigs. In the meantime, a new project came up for Drum and Bass music. It was eventful part of my life, but at the age of 28, I decided to move to Scotland. 

It changed everything in my life and was influential for my music. Change of paradigm from Electronic Dance Music to Classical and Film music thanks to the radio, which was my main source for new music then. 

The second breakthrough was when I decided to rerun my education by going to college that was in my town. I began with Pathways To Music Industry - a half-year course which was my gate to HNC and HND Sound Production. It was like a dream because in the past in Poland, education in sound production was forbidden for people without formal music education (not to mention expenses). In College and I met great people to whom I owe my chance to move forward.

As I was always a fan of video games, I was tempted to go to Abertay University to educate myself in Audio for Video Games. It's something that I never thought about: making music and sound for games. After finishing 'Music and Sound for Games (Bachelors Honours)' in 2019, I continued MPROF Masters in Game Development which I passed in 2020 with Merit 3GPA.

Now I live in France. I'm working on project Sons of Ragnar, my own music project and I'm looking for job opportunities.

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